Hiya, blog world!

Hey there!  Welcome to our FIRST official blog post (eep!). It's a bit strange to even say that, honestly. We feel somewhat like little elderly ladies trying to use an ipad for the first time, but we promise to get the hang of it.  For over four years, we've been working with so many of you and telling our story in little tidbits here and there. But we felt like we needed a bit more to truly connect with all of you and share our passions and love for quality home goods. So here goes... bear with us as we get acclimated to the big blog world.

 Martha & Ash circa 1986

 Martha & Ash circa 1986

Above is us: Martha (in all her beauty on the right) and Ashley (chunkin' it up on the left). Mom (Martha) started the business as a custom drapery shop in 2003 locally in our little historic horse community of Camden, SC and I (Ashley) came to work with her in 2007 after a stent in advertising post college. We trucked along happily creating beautiful products for folks around SC for a while and then, after much daydreaming and many discussions around our shop tables, we brought our business online in 2011. At the time there weren't many home goods you could find that didn't have a "Made in China" sticker on them which literally broke our hearts, into a million pieces, all over the floor. But we knew we had answers to that so we just did it. We created Martha & Ash, first on etsy, and then as our own website marthaandash.com. We would have never dreamed we'd accomplish as much as we have so far but we always knew that as long as we promised ourselves to never create anything less than the best we absolutely could, we couldn't lose, right? Handmade and the whole concept of products sold directly from the creator to the receiver are so incredibly inspiring to us. To physically receive something made from the hands of the person who created it is something to behold (aka Mufasa holding Simba on the cliff aka best movie ever). We really hope you have that moment when you place our products in your home. ;)

SO! We ask that you add us to your blog' lovin list (is that the right thing?) or bookmark us in your browser and check back often because we have so many great things to share with you! From specific tips on drapery panels (because we all know they can be a bit rocket scientist-ish), everything HOME, and just life in general, we'll be writing often!